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Digital Payments are changing the way the world does business

It’s time for businesses to automate the cash flow through digital payments. The transition from cash to digital payments was a big move. Entrepreneurs embraced the change and integrated electronic payments in no time. As the world owned a smartphone backed by the internet, it became easy to incorporate digital payments in reality.

Digital payments come with enormous benefits such as instant fund settlements, safe and secure transactions, transparent and traceable virtual payments. The traditional financial systems took a twist in the processes and financial systems.

Driven by the coronavirus pandemic, the latest National Survey of Financial Inclusion (ENIF) said…

Social Media and Digital Transactions are in symbiosis

Digital payments have all the potential within them. They are the true power of today’s business world, benefitting sellers and buyers to pursue diversified payment methods with easy steps. But then, how is social media influencing businesses and modern-day digital payments?

Traditionally, however, the most popular way is by using a bank or financial institution as an agent (bank intermediary) in doing so. Banks take responsibility for issuing funds, but it can be not easy getting money into people via banks when they tend not to understand digital currencies themselves. Bitcoin could get someone out if you cannot figure things…

Digital Wallets have made cashless transactions the norm.

Your Fiat currency or money, whatever, deserves the best digital wallet. It should be flexible, accessible, transparent, and, most importantly, safe and secure. We’ve got the best digital wallets that enable easy storage of money and provide the best digital experience. Here you go!

Apple Pay

It is a comprehensive platform designed for Apple devices. It uses DPAN (device Primary Account Number) that prevents hackers from accessing users’ data. It helps in making purchases from any retail location, send money to friends or family.

So the Apple Pay account can be added with money or sync it to the respective…

Wearable Tech is becoming Omnipresent

Today, in almost every industry, we see digital payments playing a crucial role. Instant and easy digital payments are on the rise — no matter what, why, and where, individuals and businesses are pursuing them. In fact, they have become part of our everyday lives.

Digital payments are safe, instant, fast, like in the blink of an eye. The advanced technologies are a boost to make virtual payments. Primarily, we see fintech and e-commerce industries stand first in utilizing digital payments. You cannot imagine paying in physical cash anymore, right.

Now comes an interesting question about how these digital payments…

Digital Transactions are becoming the norm

The so-called digital payments are the saviors today. It has gained significant traction in the global fintech space. Individuals and businesses across the globe have adopted digital payments to make online payments and pursue any other cashless transactions.

Digital payments are way faster — they move in a fraction of seconds. Hence, sending money to our beloved ones is easy now. Financial interactions are quick, instant, and transparent. We are witnessing the future here, isn’t it? Welcome to the cashless society!

We’ve got enormous payment options available in the market. Top payment service providers such as Apple Pay, PayPal, TransferWise…

Digital Defi Wallets

Be it online shopping or offline purchase, you are already on the “internet” waiting to swipe your card or make a UPI payment. It means you are experiencing both, a modern-day payment with excellent efficiency, although safe, yet surrounded by cybercrime activities.

Do we call it a boon or a bane to use advanced digital payment applications?

Let us initiate the conversation with the advantages of digital payments.

  • Digital payments instant and easy
  • Time saviors
  • Low operational costs
  • Efficient and secure
  • Transparent and accountable
  • Contactless
  • Better customer convenience
  • Safe and secure (yet)

Well, what about the other side of the…

Reshaping the Diamond Industry with Consortiums, NFTs, and Blockchained Supply Chains with Diamante Blockchain and Chirag Jetani

Listen to the episode here:

NEW YORK, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Diamante Blockchain, a global fintech company, announces the first-ever non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based rare and the most unique diamonds auction platform. The platform will be powered by the Diamante Net, the proprietary blockchain network of Diamante Blockchain.

Diamante’s auction house will consist of the rarest and unique diamonds from across the world that are validated and certified. The buyers can bid for the precious diamonds on the Diamante auction house with a non-fungible token or NFT, which has a unique digital signature linked to the physical diamonds. It acts as a digital certificate…

The Digital World and the Digital Wallet

These days, have you noticed both these terms going hand-in-hand? And of course, pandemic taught us how to deal with virtual presence? Well, to those who are still uncertain about the word “digital wallet,” here’s the definition for you!

Digital Wallet, also known as an e-wallet, is just like a physical wallet, but one can only use it on an electronic device. Digital wallets are applications that allow individuals and businesses to conduct digital transactions. It has eliminated the game of real cash.

Now, if you are at a restaurant, you don’t have…

Digital Wallets are coming of age

From utility bills to online shopping, mobile recharge, to food orders, we are all at the top of the digital world. With over 2.1 billion smartphone users, the usage of digital wallets has exponentially grown.

Digital wallets addressed various questions such as inconvenient billing processes, time-consuming financial transactions and made the financial services error-free, easy, and instant. They have streamlined the buying process and made payments easy!

They had unified offline and online purchasing. Such that merchants and customers can pursue speedy and secure transactions across the globe. Overall, the customer experience has been improved with customized fund transfer solutions.


PayCircle offers technology-driven solutions to industry leaders, helping them streamline payments, transaction settlements, and asset management globally.

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