In the United States where the B2B (business-to-business) digital payments market is expected to reach $26.742 trillion by the end of 2021, it is expected that the real-time payment systems (RTP) will enjoy enormous benefits, even though they are only a fraction of the market. In the US, the prediction is that RTPs will reap huge profits if they can gain even a fraction of the market. This holds for B2C payments as well.

In order to enable real-time confirmation of payments, backend providers need to pre-finance the collateral of their sending partners. B2B payments are slow to be digitized…

Traditional B2B payments processing takes a lot of time, but modern payment platforms automate work and reduce the time that it takes to manage money. Now that the introduction of a B2C payment solution saves resources, time, and costs for companies, employees, and customers. That’s going to be a quick fix and an ideal recipe for status quo disruption!

For instance, PayCircle can save you money and grow your business by investing in payment processing solutions. Today’s digital B2B payment methods and solutions can speed up payment reception and processing problems and help companies to improve positive cash flow. …

Global trade in funds is currently expensive, time-consuming, with high operational costs and a lack of transparency…

Diamante solves this huge problem by offering an ecosystem for payments and financing leveraging proprietary #blockchain infrastructure.

And now, you’re invited to invest…

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Blockchain, the most disruptive technology known for changing the way we pursue transactions today. Globally, individuals and businesses are adopting blockchain technology to conduct financial transactions.

The traditional cross-border payment system hasn’t changed in decades. With the evolution of blockchain technology, the fintech space is adopting it to address international payment’ challenges. Today across the globe, fintech companies are leveraging blockchain to improve the efficiency of global transactions. Genuinely, blockchain has been the most exciting space that the world believes will become an integral part of the finance world.

Before understanding the blockchain-powered finance solutions, let’s take a look at…

Digital Payments are Driving Financial Inclusion across the world

From being valued at $5.4trn in 2020, the global digital payments industry is expected to hit $6.6 trillion in value in 2021, according to Finaria. Before COVID-19, the industry grew at a 16% YOY increase, and post-pandemic, the pace expedited to over 22%. In the next four years, the digital payments market is set to hit $10.5trn in value. Eventually, the fast-paced growth will aid in understanding consumer behavior and tech advancements in a better way. However, currently, various trends are set forth for the development of digital payments.

Innovative Payment Methods

In every possible way, the world is trying…

Transactions on Digital Wallets are growing rapidly

A digital wallet is a quick, simple, convenient approach to make purchases online and offline and helps you keep your cash safer.

Electronic devices like smartphones, smartwatches, PCs, and tablets have become a basic need of present-day life. With only a few taps, you can deal with endless daily tasks. Furthermore, that incorporates making purchases without requiring any physical cards (debit/credit). Today, it is effortless to access global platforms through the ease, simplicity, and added security highlights of a digital wallet.

What is a Digital Wallet?

Digital wallets are, by and large, what they sound like. They’re electronic versions of your actual wallet. …

Digital Payments are changing the way consumers spend

The world has been shifting towards digitization, adding innovative technologies to every business and every activity that we pursue in a day — it’s been quite a while now. Nonetheless, the year 2020 put into viewpoint the desperate need to adjust to digital innovation quickly. This transformation happened in a flash, with the lockdown becoming effective, particularly for advanced digital payments across the world.

The governments have been advancing and engendering digital payments very aggressively. These advancements have been the directing power of numerous economic and financial choices that pushed people to change to online payments.

What is digital payment?

Digital Payments are changing the world

The digitization of payments is a huge leap forward and the aim is to achieve simple, convenient, fast, and secure payment methods. As a result, you will notice a boom in the NFC (Near Field Communication) and EMC technologies that enable contactless payment. With these technologies, users can wave or tap their smartphones to make payments for things such as tap-and-go, QR codes, and contactless cards that are increasingly popular in the digital payments space.

Driven by the global COVID-19 pandemic, more and more organizations are moving online for their commercial and financial interactions. Digital payment methods have evolved massively…

Digital Payments are changing the way the world does business

It’s time for businesses to automate the cash flow through digital payments. The transition from cash to digital payments was a big move. Entrepreneurs embraced the change and integrated electronic payments in no time. As the world owned a smartphone backed by the internet, it became easy to incorporate digital payments in reality.

Digital payments come with enormous benefits such as instant fund settlements, safe and secure transactions, transparent and traceable virtual payments. The traditional financial systems took a twist in the processes and financial systems.

Driven by the coronavirus pandemic, the latest National Survey of Financial Inclusion (ENIF) said…


PayCircle offers technology-driven solutions to industry leaders, helping them streamline payments, transaction settlements, and asset management globally.

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