Diamante Blockchain Raises $750K and Hits Another Milestone in the Pre-Series A Funding Round

3 min readNov 17, 2021



The global fintech firm Diamante Blockchain receives enormous support and raises $750K in a Pre-series A Funding round from the equity crowdfunding platform, Wefunder. The Delaware-based corporation raises funds from nearly 350+ investors from multiple verticals, including high-profile institutional and angel investors. The crowdfunding campaign continues to receive traction and immense momentum worldwide.

Dinesh Patel, co-founder, and CEO of Diamante Blockchain said, “Through our diverse experience and expertise, we have built the next generation payment application using blockchain technology which would bring down payment fees from 3% to just $0.58 per transaction. The success to reach one of the milestones is truly the passion, strong belief of our team, investors and most importantly the stakeholders.”

“We at Diamante are focused on developing and implementing innovative solutions to our applications for trade, payments, and finance. Our decentralized payment ecosystem PayCircle is a cost-effective and transparent means to settle transactions in real-time with traceability features. Our solutions are customized for the needs of both individuals and businesses, where we offer FDIC insured custodial accounts to all our users.” said Chirag Jetani, co-founder and COO.

The proceeds from this round will help the company to accelerate further the development and expansion of the business operations, technology infrastructure, team, and marketing and branding efforts across the globe.

Diamante Blockchain offers cost-effective, secure, and transparent solutions built on its proprietary blockchain infrastructure, Diamante Net. DIAM, the native digital asset and utility token on the Diamante Net, plays an anti-spam role and provides access to its suite of products and services. DIAM Coin is a sustainable and eco-friendly asset that has been recognized as a Utility by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA.

The company’s DeFi payments application, PayCircle, can handle 100+ million transactions in a day. It is currently in the beta version enabling users to use it ahead of the official launch. The application will roll out officially in the next few weeks. The company strongly believes in embracing the $2 trillion global remittance market using the proprietary blockchain technology, Diamante Net.

Highlights of the PayCircle:

-Insured: Free Custodial account with FDIC Insurance up to $250,000.
-Cost-Effective: Every single transaction only costs $0.58 with no hidden fees.
-Instant & Speedy: Send and receive payments without any limits in less than 2 seconds.
-Single Dashboard: Invest in 130+ digital assets using a single dashboard.

The application has been built with vibrant features that support multi-currency Fiat and digital asset transactions with enhanced security and traceability features.

The company has set a goal to raise $2.3 million to improve the Diamante ecosystem and ultimately revolutionize global payments, finance, and trade space. If you would like to join the Diamante story, the crowdfunding campaign is still live on Wefunder. Visit: https://wefunder.com/diamante

About Diamante Blockchain

Diamante Blockchain, a global, decentralized finance company is successfully implementing and developing a competitive blockchain-enabled ecosystem for trade, payments, and financing. Diamante Blockchain leverages blockchain technology to create a dedicated, universal ecosystem that ensures security and transparency in the fintech space.

The Diamante ecosystem consists of:

(i) Diamante’s proprietary blockchain network (Diamante Net)
(ii) DeFi payments application (PayCircle)
(iii) Utility Coin recognized by FINMA (DIAM)
(iv) Decentralized Finance Application (CreditCircle)

The Diamante ecosystem fosters individuals and enterprises throughout the global fintech space to access their products and services.

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