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If you are using a US bank account to conduct money transactions or plan to open a bank account in the US, you should probably be aware of two key pieces of information.

  1. Routing Number
  2. Account Number

In the USA, banks use a nine-digit code to identify themselves, namely routing numbers. Depending on the purpose, they are named differently.

  1. Routing transit numbers
  2. Check routing numbers
  3. Fedwire numbers
  4. ABA routing numbers

These numbers indicate the respective bank and stand as the identification numbers of what bank your account is held.

What is the purpose of the routing numbers?

The routing numbers…

The world is going digital, and on the other hand, there is a gradual increase in the number of cybersecurity breaches. What do we do now? Do we stop switching to “digital” or become more cautious about cyberattacks on digital transactions?

Well, coronavirus pushed or maybe forced us to go digital — from online payments to digital transactions to e-shopping, and many more. Digital payments have seen an enormous urge during the COVID-19 pandemic. The world welcomed digital payments and adopted UPI-based payment, credit/debit card systems, mobile banking, etc.

But then, parallelly, there are numerous high-alters on digital or online…

The foremost important thing for any business is to understand cross-border payments. Only then, businesses will be able to expand, grow, and conduct payments across the globe.

What are Cross-Border Payments?

Today, most businesses are standing out on global platforms. Cross-border payments are a part of their day to day business operations. Global remittances, payments, and purchases often take place across the globe. So a transaction takes place between a payee and transaction recipient, based out of two countries.

When a payee and the transaction recipient are based in different countries, there will be several scenarios that need to be considered. To conduct international…

Nowadays, blockchain has extended its wings to numerous domains. It has become a true sign of security, traceability, and reliability. Today, in this modern world, the banking industry is sharp-set to enhance security-based solutions. However, we are already witnessing it with blockchain technology.

Blockchain: This disruptive technology has eliminated the threat and risk of fraud in the areas of finance and banking. Furthermore, blockchain is addressing the pain points related to operations and administration of the banking sector. So let’s take a look at the top banking applications that are backed by blockchain technology.

Because the world requires to pursue business and conduct infinite B2B payments across the globe, every day.

Yes! You’ve heard it right. Straight to the point, B2B payments differ from B2C. Payments between businesses are a little complicated and require a lot of streamlined payment processing systems. The business market has grown and is only considering the most advanced and easy B2B payment applications. As of now, we have listed out the popular B2B payment applications that are being widely used and accepted!


PayPal is the most popular payment application in the B2B space. The application allows businesses to conduct…

From utility bills to online shopping, mobile recharge, to food orders, we are all at the top of the digital world. With over 2.1 billion smartphone users, the usage of digital wallets has exponentially grown.

Digital wallets addressed various questions such as inconvenient billing processes, time-consuming financial transactions and made the financial services error-free, easy, and instant. They have streamlined the buying process and made payments easy!

They had unified offline and online purchasing. Such that merchants and customers can pursue speedy and secure transactions across the globe. Overall, the customer experience has been improved with customized fund transfer solutions.

We are in a world with digital money and no cash in hands. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is becoming tremendously popular and widely accepted in this digital wallet scenario across the globe. Smartphones, digital wallets, and digital payments are revolutionizing the world with innovations.

Electronic funds transfer offers immense benefits to individuals and businesses; they are secure, safe, speedy, convenient, easy to use, reliable, and exceptionally cost-effective. All these unique features have made electronic funds transfer the primary fund transaction method.

EFT allows users to transfer money from one bank account to another without any physical money exchanges. Direct deposit…

Once upon a time, cash was all we knew. And now I barely remember the last time when I did offline shopping and paid in cash. It seems like ages. We are in this cashless society with digital payments and virtual wallets in our hands.

Well, countries like Sweden are already working to remove the cash in circulation. In Sweden, almost 900 out of Sweden’s 1600 bank branches don’t accept cash, and busses haven’t taken money for years now. Isn’t it interesting? Hence Sweden is known as the pioneer of the cashless society.

According to Statista, in 2018, around 195.4…

We are all in the age of digital times and disruptive technologies. Like the money that we send, receive, and custody, everything has to undergo security, and it is our highest priority there comes the need for biometric technology. The other side of the world is always fighting fraudulent activities, data hacking, malicious attacks, and what not?

Technology is both good and bad! Now, what does that mean? Do we stop using digital technology in our day-to-day lives? Or stop conducting online transactions, or say no to disruptive technologies?

Absolutely no! From banking to online shopping, businesses have always integrated…


PayCircle offers technology-driven solutions to industry leaders, helping them streamline payments, transaction settlements, and asset management globally.

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