Despite growing concerns about poor B2B payment practices, Pfaff points out that companies that use invoice financing solutions tend to have debtors, accept payments terms of 30–60 days and pay invoices on time to the banks. Invoice processing enables suppliers to capture invoices, but when B2C executives think about payment…

Traditional B2B payments processing takes a lot of time, but modern payment platforms automate work and reduce the time that it takes to manage money. Now that the introduction of a B2C payment solution saves resources, time, and costs for companies, employees, and customers. …

Global trade in funds is currently expensive, time-consuming, with high operational costs and a lack of transparency…

Diamante solves this huge problem by offering an ecosystem for payments and financing leveraging proprietary #blockchain infrastructure.

And now, you’re invited to invest…

Here are just a few reasons not to miss out:

💼 Proprietary technology infrastructure with the ability to process 100 million+ transactions per day

💎 A unique combination of #diamond industry experience and technical solution that solves real problems

💸 User consortium of over 400 diamond industry participants representing $82 billion of potential revenue

🏦 PayCircle Proof of Concept (POC) deployed with 10 corporate heavyweights

Invest Now:


PayCircle offers technology-driven solutions to industry leaders, helping them streamline payments, transaction settlements, and asset management globally.

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